It’s time for the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop!

12 authors attending GRL will be visiting each other and answering 12 questions.

~12 Authors~

~12 Questions~

~12 Giveaways~

October 1st - TM Smith hosts Wade Kelly
October 2nd - Morticia Knight hosts Tempe O'Riley
October 3rd - AE Via hosts K-Lee Klein
October 4th - Jeff Adams hosts Jordan Hawk
October 5th - Alexa Land hosts Jake C Wallace
October 6th - Wade Kelly hosts Brandon Witt
October 7th - Tempe O'Riley hosts LE Franks
October 8th - Jordan Hawk hosts TM Smith
October 9th - Jake C Wallace hosts Morticia Knight
October 10th - Brandon Witt hosts AE Via
October 11th - LE Franks hosts Jeff Adams
October 12th - K-Lee Klein hosts Alexa Land

Visit us all!